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Tests / Assessments / Assignments

Assignment, Testing & Assessment
  • Assess your learners with online quizzes and assignments.
  • Encourage them to self-improve by giving them regular assignments and tasks to complete.
  • Grading is click-easy with automatic Grade Books and custom scales.
Quizzes and Exams, Automatic Assessment
  • Design online quizzes, term or mid-term exams, entry tests, level tests – separately or as part of your online courses.
  • Quizzes can have different types of questions like “select one”, “select many” and even “open questions”.
  • Use rich formatting for your quiz questions – like videos, images and even attached files.
  • Detailed statistics for the group participation and completion rates as well as performance averages.
Grading & Reporting
  • Automatic letter or numbered grading is available through predefined or custom defined grading scales
  • Percentages are automatically converted to grade letters and grade numbers.
Grade Books Reports
  • Course assignments, tests and quizzes are collected automatically to form your course grade book reports.
  • Results are presented with in percentages and grade letters.
Attendance Reports
  • For every learner, Trainer and live virtual classroom we keep detailed attendance reports – time your users spent.
  • Attendance charts are also available for better visual representation.